October 2016 Update

October is off to a great start with Grammy winner Printz Board’s new project “Parker Lane” now out in the US. Very happy to have contributed some songs and lots of playing to this lovely album. Congrats Printz and Lucy!



Also here is a very special release by ASHA.

I’ve been working with ASHA for a few years now and she really is one of the most talented singer songwriters anywhere on this planet.

You can check her beautiful new single here……..


Asha’s EP is also finished and will follow shortly.


Chris Coulsen has been in recording 4 tracks which sound fantastic. Anyone who loves John Williamson will absolutely love Chris – beautiful vocals on some incredible songs.

The Music Cellar is aways busy and has recently had Cam and Stuie in to finish up their stunning new album. Adam Harvey and Beccy Cole have been tracking and over dubbing on a new project and Melinda Schneider has just finished up her lovely new album.




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